EARLI outstanding publication award, 1999 (for RER paper with Wouter van Joolingen).

European Academic Software Award, 2000 (for SimQuest).

Nomination for prize of “Innovation and Quality in the Public Sector” organized by The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. March 2004 (for ZAP)

“National ICT award” in the category government/non profit” organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. May 2004 (for ZAP)

European Academic Software Award, 2004 (for ZAP).

European CSCL Award for Excellence in PhD Research. With Hannie Gijlers for our article "Confronting Ideas in Collaborative Discovery Learning"

PhD supervisor of the year 2006 in Educational Science in the Netherlands (prize from VOR/VPO)

European Award for Technology Transfer. Berlin, November, 2007 Kaleidoscope consortium.

In 2010, I have been appointed as fellow of AERA.

Science Inquiry Based Instruction Prize (IBI), July 2013.

Appointed as a member of the Academia Europaea (August 2014).

Nomination for the TELL-US award for Go-Lab (2015).

Nomination for the NWO/NRO “from practice to theory” award for Go-Lab (2015)

Estonian Research Council’s National Contest of Educational Research in the category of manuscripts published in foreign language for the article Pedaste, M. Mäeots, M. Siiman L. A., de Jong, T., van Riesen, S. A. N., Kamp, E. T., Manoli, C. C., Zacharia, Z. C., & Tsourlidaki, E. (2015). Phases of inquiry-based learning: definitions and the inquiry cycle. Educational Research Review, 14, 47-61.

2017 AECT Distinguished Development Award.

Teacher of the year 2017-2018 for the psychology program

at the University of  Twente, elected by the students (very proud!)

In 2018, I have been awarded Fellow

of the International Society of Learning Sciences

In 2023 I received the EARLI oeuvre award.


You can see video messages that I received at my

farewell lecture (November 10, 2023) here.