Past and current PhD students

Adelson Araujo jr.— Intelligent support in inquiry

Luiza Vilarta-Rodrigues  — Quantum physics: Learning impossibilities the experiential way

Xiulin Kuang — Hypothesis generation— How to put students into motion (December 2022).

Elise Eshuis — Powering up collaboration and knowledge monitoring. Reflection-based support for 21st-century skills in secondary vocational technical education (December, 2021)

Johannes Steinrücke — Digital game-based learning in crisis management decision-making: unobtrusive assessment measures and intervention evaluation (September, 2021)

Natasha DmoshinskaiaGiving feedback to peers: How do students learn from it. (March, 2021)

Hasan Ozgur Kapici  - The effects of different lab modalities on science  learning at a middle school. Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey (February, 2021)

Irena Maureen — Story time in early childhood education: Designing storytelling activities to enhance (digital) literacy development (January, 2021)

Siswa van Riesen - Inquiring the effect of the Experiment Design Tool: Whose boat does it float? (October, 2018)

Alieke van Dijk - Learning together in mixed-ability elementary classrooms (December, 2017)

Judith ter VrugteSerious support for serious gaming: Enhancing knowledge acquisition in a game for prevocational mathematics education (June, 2016)

Mieke Hagemans - On regulation in inquiry learning (March, 2014)

Wout Kenbeek - Back to the drawing board. Creating drawing or text summaries in support of

system dynamics modelling (October, 2012)

Anjo Anjewierden - Explorations in fine-grained learning analytics (June, 2012)

Yvonne Mulder - Learning science by creating models (April, 2012)

Wilco Bonestroo - Planning with graphical overviews (September 2010)

Sylvia van Borkulo - Assessment of learning in collaborative inquiry environments (June 2009)

Bas Kollöffel - Collaborative discovery learning with multimedia learning environments (December 2008)

Petra Hendrikse - Wiskundig actief. Het ondersteunen van onderzoekend leren in het wiskundeonderwijs (May 2008)

Jan van der Meij - Support for learning with multiple representations; Designing simulation-based learning environments (December 2007)

Sarah Manlove - Regulative support during inquiry learning with simulations and modelling (October 2007)

Cornelise Vreman - Learning by designing instruction in a computer-based environment (September 2006)

Henny Leemkuil - Is it all in the game? Learner support in an educational knowledge management game (June 2006)

Hannie Gijlers - Confrontation and co-construction - Exploring and supporting collaborative scientific discovery learning with computer simulations (September, 2005)

Rianto Purbojo - Visualization and collaborative aspects of communication in geographically distribute playing (September, 2005)

Mohammed Saleh - Optimizing grouping practices in elementary classrooms (September, 2005)

Martijn van Emmerik - Beyond the simulator. Instruction for high-performance tasks. (September, 2004)

Koen Veermans - Intelligent support for discovery learning (January, 2003)

Mark Gellevij – Visuals in instruction (June, 2002)

Casper Hulshof - Discovery of ideas and ideas about discovery (June, 2001)

Renate Limbach - Supporting instructional designers (towards an information system for the design of instructional discovery learning environments) (March, 2001)

Janine Swaak - What-If (discovery simulations and assessment of intuitive knowledge) (November, 1998)

Elwin Savelsbergh - Improving mental representations in physics problem-solving (September, 1998)

Anja van de Hulst - Cognitive tools: Two exercises in non-directive support for exploratory learning (October, 1996)

Erica de Vries - Structuring information for design problem solving (September, 1994)

Melanie Njoo - Exploratory learning with a computer simulation: learning processes and instructional support (March, 1994)

Wouter van Joolingen - Understanding and facilitating discovery learning in computer-based simulation environments (June, 1993)

Henneke de Bruijn - Situated cognition in a computerized learning environment for adult basic education students (April, 1993)